Fashion Meets Food For Fashion Illustrator Gretchen Roehrs

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I’ve written quite a few articles about food and fashion lately and I think a lot more people are linking the two. I’ve written about having foodie nails that are motivated by food, amazing crochet hats that are also inspired from meals and sweets, it’s become so popular and trending all across the Internet right now.

Here’s another fashion illustrator who is inspired by food. San Francisco based Gretchen Roehrs sketches fashion designs taken from Givenchy, Jason Wu, Sonia Rykiel, Wes Gordon and then adds pieces of food to the drawing. The sketches are then transformed from a boring black and white drawing to an unique and exhilarating piece of art. She can use anything from strawberries, banana skin/peel, bread, chillies, watermelon, oyster shells, kale, cherries, blackberries (fruit, not phones) peaches and among others. It’s quite amazing to see fashion designers and illustrators combining their work and food. We sometimes take daily things for granted but people are proving that anything can be used in a different aspect.

Gretchen Roehrs isn’t short of fans on her Twitter and Instagram sites. With over 22.5k fans combined, I’m sure these designs will be loved by all.

Gretchen and many others are inspiring the fashion world and beyond. Who knows what will be next? Fashion & …?

Have a look at Gretchen’s work below and see what tickles your fancy!

Who would have thought that you could use curly kale for for Givenchy Resort 2016 and peaches for a Jason Wu garment! Fashion just keeps on growing, one way or another!


************************************************************************************************************ Illustrator Completes Her Dress Sketches With Food | Bored Panda With her wonderfully simple and playful sketches of various food items as fashionable dresses for runway models, fashion illustrator Gretchen Roehrs shows us just how closely related food and fashion can sometimes be. Art imitates life, as they say, and this holds true for food and fashion as well.

Roehrs is not the first to look to her everyday surroundings for fashion inspiration – Shamekh Bluwi uses architectural patterns to complete his fashion illustrations!

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