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Thinking of getting rid of your old leggings or clothes? Don’t, recycle and turn them into a chic crop top! This year everyone seems to be recycling clothes. From buying secondhand, shopping in charity shops to DIY with your old clothes. If you do DIY with your clothes, at least you won’t find anyone else wearing the same! Be the envy of all your friends with a unique piece!

I’m not saying never ever get rid of your clothes, just take a look next time at your “get rid” pile and see if any prints, colours or patterns still catch your eye. It’s always good to keep the ones you still like and give them a new lease of life! I’ve noticed that a few prints that were trending last year, are coming back in stores this year.

Handmania have proven that you can turn your leggings into a top with just one cut! I think this is amazing to watch and if you saw her wearing the top before you knew they were leggings, you wouldn’t have guessed!

If you’re having a wardrobe clearout and need inspiring, take a look at these videos.

Video youtube Handimania

Video youtube AndreasChoice

I hope this has given you ideas on what you can do with your old clothes!

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************************************************************************************************************* You Can Turn Your Leggings Into Crop Tops With One Cut FYI You Can Turn Your Leggings Into Crop Tops With One Cut
It’s too hot for leggings anyways.
DIY account Handimania just put out a video showing you how to turn your old leggings into new crop tops.

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